African Jungle King: Lion or Leopard? Featuring on AfriSQuare Chronicles Episode 3

African Jungle King: Lion or Leopard? Featuring on AfriSQuare Chronicles Episode 3

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All the ‘animal kingdom’ stories you may have heard cannot be complete without Africa. What did you hear about the Lions and Leopards of Africa? Probably you have been shown several times through movies and stories that the Lion is the king of the jungle. You may be right but there are usually characteristics and traits of anything that has to do with royalty. On this episode of AfriSQuare Chronicles, the Lion, and Leopard were compared analytically to know which is really the king of the jungle and why it even matters for us humans to watch. You see, back in the days in Africa, kings do make use of animal skins and horns to portray the significance of their throne, culture and kingdom. This comparison was originally an article published on AfriSQuare with some arguments to it. Basically, our mission here on AfriSQuare Chronicles is to look at already published content on AfriSQuare like news and feature stories while we talk about them as well as their significance to contemporary African society and people. Watch, like the video, and comment on what you think about the subject matter and their outcome.

Comment below on what you think about the Lion and Leopard as king of the jungle.

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