Discussing Best Start-Up Cities in Africa on AfriSQuare Chronicles

Discussing Best Start-Up Cities in Africa on AfriSQuare Chronicles

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Africa is usually underestimated in the area of innovative start-ups that provides top-notch solutions. Europe and America are normally seen as the bedrock of innovative start-ups in the world. But when you take a closer look at the African continent, you get to find out that some African cities are actually vibrant hubs for start-ups and resilient entrepreneurs.


This episode of AfriSQuare Chronicles points out some of these African cities that are centers for innovative start-ups as well as the major industries these start-up cities play in, which range from tech, finance, and education to agriculture amongst others.


Basically, our mission here on AfriSQuare Chronicles is to look at already published content on AfriSQuare like news and feature stories while we talk about them as well as their significance to contemporary African society and people. Watch, like the video, and comment on what you think about the subject matter and their outcome.

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