Spotlighting Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti and His Legendary Afrobeat on Sound Check

Spotlighting Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti and His Legendary Afrobeat on Sound Check

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Sound Check on which showcases the sounds, songs, voices, and vibes of Africa. This program covers major trends, hot artists, sound, production, and lyrical content of African Music. Here we review major landmarks and influences in the African Music scene. Terwa and Pelumi spend some time spotlighting the legendary Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti.

Who is Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti?

Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti is a known pioneer of Afrobeat music, which is a Nigerian music genre that combines funk and jazz with West African music. Fela who is also known as Abami Eda was more than just a musician, composer, and band leader during his lifetime as he was also a Pan-Africanist and political activist. Fela Aníkúlápó was born on the 15th of October 1938 as Olufela Olusegun Oludotub Ransome-Kuti and died on the 2nd of August, 1997.

He was referred to as one of Africa’s most “charismatic and challenging music performers” at the height of his popularity. What do you feel about Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti and his legendary afrobeat music? Let us know on the comment section.

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Song credit: Shakara by Fela Kuti sourced from here ===>

Confusion by Fela Kuti sourced from here ====>

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