The Tasty Tang of Africa’s Nkwobi and Ikokore on AfriSQuare Chronicles

The Tasty Tang of Africa’s Nkwobi and Ikokore on AfriSQuare Chronicles

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Africa is a continent where foods and other edibles have one symbolism or the other. AfriSQuare Chronicles helps us take a look at our previously-published news and forum materials, analyze them, and draw insights from them, recognizing that the published materials may have been missed or misunderstood perhaps. The Nigerian cow foot special also known as Nkwobi is a delicacy that originates from the South-Eastern parts of Nigeria and should not just be eaten by everyone else except for some particular reasons which are unveiled in this video. Nkwobi is mostly ordered in expensive bars and restaurants and it is usually eaten with relish. Out of the western part of Nigeria, we also have the Ikokore which is a staple delicacy that is made from water yam, assorted meats, palm oil, pepper mix, crayfish, and stockfish alongside some seasoning. These tasty African delicacies and their symbolisms to those who consume them are being uncovered here in this edition of the AfriSQuare Chronicles which is The Tasty Tang of Africa’s Nkwobi and Ikokore. Watch till the end to learn more about these African delicacies. Subscribe to our channel. Like and comment what you think below. Share this video to your loved ones.

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