Spotlighting Mafikizolo: South African Afro-pop Music Duo on Sound Check

Spotlighting Mafikizolo: South African Afro-pop Music Duo on Sound Check

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Mafikizolo is a South African Afro-pop musical duo made up of Theo Kgosinkwe who is the composer and Nhlanhla Nciza who is the lead singer. They have won multiple South African Music Awards, part of which is the “Best Group of Duo of the Year” award. They came into the music scene as Kwaito group with their late member, Tebogo Madingoane in the year 1997. Tebogo Madingoane died on the 14th of February 2004, after releasing their self-titled album.

They released the “Music Revolution” album in 1999 and the “Gate Crushers” album in 2000 with “Majika and Looto” as their major hits. They released their evergreen album “Sibongile” in 2002 with the hit single “Ndihamba Nawe” after a close-fatal accident that left Nhlanhla Nciza hospitalized for a long time. They have other series of album releases as stated on the Sound Check program.  In the year 2019, the Mafikizolo group released their hit single “Khona” featuring Uhuru which is trending in the international music space. Their album “ Reunited” was released in the year 2013 with 12 South Africa Music Awards in one night amongst other nominations and awards.

A follow-up album was released in 2017 titled “20” in celebration of their 20th year anniversary in the music industry. This episode of Sound Check focuses on the music and lyrics of the Mafikizolo Afro-pop music group and their collaborations.

What do you think about this South African music group? Drop it in the comment section below. On Sound Check, we check out major trends, hot artists, sound, production, and lyrical content of African Music. We review major landmarks and influences in the African Music scene. Guests will feature from time to time. Keep a tab signing-up on

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